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  • The website is for restricted private circulation only and is not to be considered as a legal document with obligations for specific performance. It is meant for the purpose of conceptual presentation only.
  • The dimensions shown in the are approximate and may change slightly without causing any material adverse effect to the purchaser.
  • All the architectural and interior images in the website, are merely simulated interpretations using computer graphics to enhance the customer understanding and are not factual images.
  • The colors and general appearance of the flooring and wall tiles, sanitary ware and fittings, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, internal roads, trees, shrubbery etc. shown in the simulatedcomputer graphics images are taken from the available object libraries for the purpose of presentation and the prospective purchasers of the property are advised to refer to the construction specifications mentioned in the website. Additional amenities and/or utilities not mentioned or shown in the website but may be required as per the law, should be deemed to be forming part of the project by the purchaser.
  • Furniture including wardrobes, other soft furnishings inter alia curtains, mattresses, bed linen, upholster etc., lights and other electrical fixtures and appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, Telephones, Laptops etc., any of the equipment, household accessories inter alia crockery and cutlery, rugs, carpets, decorative pieces and wall hangings, wall papers,utensils etc, apparels and all other consumable and movable items shown in the simulated images do not form part of the sale of any property by the developer.